Dr. Rick Saccone - a man of action!


Protecting the Innocent Unborn

Dr Saccone not only says he is pro-life he has supported legislation that has saved the life of innocent babies. Here is one of his many House Floor speeches defending our unborn Children.

Second Amendment Champion

Dr Saccone is a active defender of the 2A. He helped bring the Castle Doctrine to PA. He has written and introduced more pro 2A legislation than all but a few others. here are a few of his comments.

Honoring our Veterans

Dr Saccone has long been an advocate for veterans. A career Military officer he comes from a family of 4 generations of veterans. He served on the Veterans Affairs Committee in the PA House and passed several pieces of legislation to support veterans issues like his Stolen Valor bill. He also advocated to place the Veterans designation on our driver's license's and place a veteran on the civil service commission to help veterans obtain jobs in the Commonwealth.

Memorial Day

Honoring those who have served

Property Tax

Dr Saccone has always been a champion of property tax reform. His first bill on reassessments passed but was vetoed by a Republican governor. He continued his efforts helping pass a Constitutional Amendment allowing for 100% exemption of your home's assessed value. That passed by voter referendum in 2017. Watch Dr Saccone defending property tax reform on the House floor.

Election Integrity

Dr Saccone was fighting for Election Integrity years before it became popular. He is always ahead of his time. This good government bill was years ahead of its time and is just one example of his efforts to reform government.


Dr Saccone refutes the arguments of the Left and strongly supported the Preemption Legislation that was cancelled by the Supreme Court. As Lt Gov the Second Amendment will once again have a strong ally.

Against Higher Taxes

Dr Saccone has always stood for the taxpayers sounding the alarm to the out of control spending in Harrisburg. Watch him defend small business and the little guy. See how the Establishment pushes through bad legislation by peppering it with a few good things that are hard to vote against.

Voter ID

It is now in great demand again but Dr Saccone was advocating and passed voter ID long before the current push for this legislation. Listen to his powerful arguments in support of Voter ID.