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Government Reformer (Gift Ban) - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Dr Saccone led the charge with a bill that had bi-cameral and bi partisan support to clean up Harrisburg.

Government Reformer (Executive Sessions) -

Dr. Saccone was looking to reform government from his youth when as a young aircraft mechanic he suggest ways to improve aircraft maintenance that was approved USAF wide. As a federal investigator he uncovered high dollar fraud in the Department of Defense. As a legislator he proposed ways to run the government more efficiently and save tax dollars. Don't you want a Lt Governor defending the taxpayer?

Government Reformer (Executive Sessions) - Meadville Tribune

Newspapers around the state praised and supported Dr. Saccone's bill to shed the light on Executive Session abuse. We need government to be transparent and Dr. Saccone took action.

Bipartisan Legislation - The Daily News

Dr Saccone introduced and passed into law Bi-partisan legislation to catch child sex predators. In a time when both sides are so divided don't we need someone that can unite people of all backgrounds?

Government Reformer (Sanctuary Cities)

Dr Saccone lobbied hard to restrict sanctuary cities in PA.

Endorsement - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Government Reformer (Reduce Spending) - Park News

Dr. Saccone has always been known as a government reformer, trying to make government more efficient delivering services better and cheaper. Isn't that what we all want.

Government Reformer (Reduce Legislators) - The Daily News

Dr. Saccone vehemently advocated to reduce the size of the legislature and voted it for it several times. It was eventually killed by Republicans. The people want a reduction but the politicians refused them. Would you like a Lt Governor that would be a force to finally reduce the legislature?