LT. Governor of Pennsylvania Candidate Dr. Rick Saccone

Contract with Free Pennsylvanians


  1. We will advocate for the complete elimination of School property tax to allow ALL people to share in the funding of public education while keeping everyone's castle from ever being threatened by the government.

  2. We will abolish forever the poison of Critical Race Theory from being taught in our public schools. We will promote racial unity, not division.

  3. We will promote school choice for parents and children across the state.

  4. We will prevent the indoctrination of social or political issues such as sex education or transgender ideaology.


  1. We will advocate for the Defense of our unborn children and will advocate for those defenseless children in the womb.

  2. We will fight sex trafficing and vigorously persue child sex predators.


  1. We will promote the FREE and FAIR elections by repealing act 77 and pursuing all fraud allegations vigorously.

  2. We will once again pass Voter ID.

  3. We will promote Campaign Finance Reform that will eliminate big money special interest influence from the election process.

  4. We will advocate to allow poll watchers to cross county lines and prosecute anyone who interferes with poll watchers observing the process.

  5. We will protect the Constitutional rights of all Pennsylvanians by restricting the power of the bureaucracy impose liberty-crushing regulations and ensure that mask mandates never again incur.

  6. We will prevent the implementation of vaccine passports.

  7. We will enshrine the right to worship and protect it from government interference or threat of church closure.

  8. We will attack the opioid crisis with a comprehensive approach.

  9. Impose rules on big tech that protect free speech and penalize them for censorship.

  10. Advocate for reducing the size of government including the state legislature.

  11. Continue to privatize the state liquor stores.

  12. Will DEFUND Sanctuary Cities.


  1. We will acknowledge the Article 1, Section 21 rights of all Pennsylvanians by passing Constitutional Carry. No citizen should have to ask for permission prior to exercising their constitutional right to carry a firearm.

  2. We will pass a Right to Bear Arms Protection Act to forbid Pennsylvania officials from cooperating with enforcement of new federal gun control laws.

  3. We will strengthen Pennsylvania's firearms preemption law to prevent localities from violating the constitutional rights of their citizens with impunity.

  4. We will actively promote concealed carry license reciprocity. It is vital that all discretion be taken away from the Attorney General. If another state is willing to honor a Pennsylvania license carry firearms, Pennsylvania should in turn honor that state's license.


  1. We will honor and protect our Veterans.